Legionella Risk Assessment

JDGA offer Legionella Risk Assessment services for domestic water systems.  Our aim is to provide assistance to ensure our clients are equipped to manage safe hot and cold water systems, and are able to efficiently discharge their legal obligations.

HSE Approved Code of Practice document L8 ‘The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems’ is used in law as the benchmark against which to measure the validity of water system management.  Under L8, the Duty Holder, deemed to be the person ultimately responsible for the building, is required to:

  • Identify and assess sources of risk
  • Prepare a written scheme for preventing and controlling the risk
  • Undertake regular monitoring of the system
  • Keep up to date records of all monitoring, system parameters and schematic drawings

JDGA staff are fully qualified to carry out initial Risk Assessments and undertake risk assessment reviews (required every two years or after significant system alterations).

We offer the preparation of system schematic drawings, assistance with preparation of the written scheme, and can support your facilities management team by providing a bespoke calendar scheduling each monitoring task at the frequency it is required.

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